Community Involvement

Community Involvement

East Westwood Community Council

simpsonDescription – Goal to improve community safety by contacts with the Police Department, District 3, and Cincinnati-Vice Mayor office. Creates actives in large population of senior adults.  Assists youth with summer employment.

Days/Times – Thursdays @ 2:00pm. Currently meetings are at McHenry House a senior housing building. *Meetings may move to Third Presbyterian Church.

For more information – Contact Rodney Christian (President) and Reggie Roberts


Expansion and Building

Working hard in the yard of the new property
Working hard in the yard of the new property

After four years of indoor repairs and restoration which is nearly complete, the focus has shifted to outdoor expansion. Third Church purchased a single family house next door with gifts totaling
$42,500 from three funding sources. An additional $27,000 has been donated to begin house demolition and site preparation for outdoor activities, including a basketball court, equipping a playground for children, 4-square, hopscotch, and a few more parking spaces.
Hopefully, the excitement of this project will stimulate substantially more funding from individuals, partner churches, Third Presbyterian members, alums of Third’s youth and basketball programs, and foundation grants for early completion.


Building and Grounds Committee

thirdDescription – Arranging and fund raising to complete needed repairs as well as upgrades on the facilities

Days/Times – Monthly. Time vary depending on project development

Volunteers – Contractors, architects, engineers, fundraisers, and anyone interested in project development

Financial Needs – $95,000—$130,000

Partnering Churches – Third, Knox, Fort Thomas and Westwood Presbyterian Churches

How to get involvedBarry Cors, Reggie Roberts