Outreach of Third

twoKidsThis is an exciting time for Third Presbyterian Church and the churches that partner; bringing programs to those in the congregation and surrounding communities. The desire to strengthen and expand this collaboration is strong, and so we are excited to provide a means to directly communicate the numerous opportunities at Third Church for worshiping, volunteering, mentoring, donating, sharing and bringing improvements, safety, and joy to many.

Within Third Church and the partnering church families there is a consistent commitment to help those in need. We have so much gratitude for all God has given us, which includes a desire to give of our time and means. So as you prepare your heart and mind to read through the first edition of this newsletter, we ask that you look deep and choose a way that you can answer God’s calling for stewardship.

For those in the community, we ask that you continue to communicate your needs and we ask that you encourage your children, other family members, and friends to get involved. We all thank God for his presence in our lives, which are only made better when we open our lives to others. God, we thank you for the movement of your spirit in us and among us.