Third Presbyterian Church – A Shining Landmark


Third Presbyterian Church is a shining landmark in East Westwood. On Sunday’s, passionate preaching and music pour out, adult and youth education bring the word of God close to hearts and minds, and community fellowship meals carry well into the afternoon. During the week the dedicated staff and volunteers offer a wonderful Youth Program that provides afterschool/evening, weekend, and summer programs to keep the neighborhood youth safe, socially engaged, and educationally enriched. Kids and teens can participate in recreational basketball (and will soon have a large court and play area), choirs, reading developments, tutoring and computer usage, sewing classes, and frequent valuable moments with adults who encourage success in school and careers and show them that they are loved. Every day dozens of children and teens are being guided and supported by caring and dedicated individuals from Third Church and supporting Church communities. Third Church is a blessing to the neighborhood parents struggling to raise their children in these difficult times in a challenged neighborhood. Through support Third Church can continue to provide the staff, activities, and space that is improving the lives of the youth and all who interact with them.

During the last five years each of you have been, and still are, vitally important in the journey of Third Presbyterian Church. Some of you have shared your professional skills in planning or execution of work that has restored Third Church’s building and grounds, as well as, its plans for the new outdoor recreational space for youth and families. Others, through Presbyterian organizations you serve, have supported Third Church’s Christian outreach in the neighborhood of East Westwood. And still others have generously funded what has happened and continues to happen at 3358 McHenry Avenue.
We Thank You!