Where We Meet

Where We Meet

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Third Presbyterian Church is a shining landmark in East Westwood. On Sunday’s, passionate preaching and music pour out, adult and youth education bring the word of God close to hearts and minds, and community fellowship meals carry well into the afternoon. During the week the dedicated staff and volunteers offer a wonderful Youth Program that provides afterschool/evening, weekend, and summer programs to keep the neighborhood youth safe, socially engaged, and educationally enriched. Kids and teens can participate in recreational basketball…

Youth Lounge

This is located behind the recreation center room, next to the kitchen.

Basketball Court

The basketball court is located to the left of the church.


The Sanctuary is located on the main floor of the Church.


The Kitchen is behind the recreation center, next to the youth lounge.

Hope Resource Center

The resource center is located on the corner of Baltimore and McHenry next to Boost Mobile.


The stage is located in the recreation center area.

Toots Playground

The playground is located to the left of the church.