Food and Gatherings

Sunday Service Meals
Description Offered every Sunday after the Church Service. Involves prep, serving, clean-up and enjoying the meal with the Church community. Prep should be done prior to the service so that chefs can participate in the church service.
Days/Times 1:15pm till plates are cleaned
Volunteers Small groups from Knox Presbyterian Church will be coordinated by Israel Bonnell and Bob Reed, while Mischelle Barry will help manage supplies. All can help with clean-up.
Financial Needs Food, drink, and supplies donations are accepted
Partnering Churches Third & Knox Presbyterian Churches
How to get involved Contact Israel Bonnell, Bob Reed, Christine Carli
Monthly Birthday Parties
Description A community gathering to celebrate all of the birthdays of Third members/friends during that month
Days/Times Second Monday of each month
Volunteers Anyone who likes to play games and eat ice cream
Financial Needs One person or groups can signup to host the party by supplying ice-cream, baked goods, fruits, and drinks
How to get involved Contact Elizabeth McGann